General and Entry Topics

What is a Triathlon?

A triathlon is a multi-disciplined sporting event in which each competitor starts with a swim, then cycles and then runs. Between each discipline, the competitor returns to the transition area, where the bike is racked during the swim and the run, and changes over from swim to bike and from bike to run.

How can I enter the event?

Italian triathletes of both genders can participate, provided that they are properly registered to F.I.TRI, with relevant membership card. Foreign nationality triathletes have to be registered to the National Federation of their origin country.

Where does the Intenational Bardolino Triathlon take place?

The event starts in the Garda lake and Transition Area (Parco Carrara Bottacisio) is close to the lake. The cycle section takes place throw different municipalities: Bardolino, Calmasino, Cavaion, Affi, Caprino Costermano and the run course and finish are based in Bardolino Centre and along waterfront.

Is the route on closed roads?

Yes. All the roads on the cycle and run course will be fully closed to traffic for a limited time.

What is the minimum age for this event?

The Intenational Bardolino Triathlon is open to everyone born in or before 2002.

How many triathletes will be competing in the Open Olympic distance?

Around 2,000 will be competing in the Open Olympic distance

Accommodation, Arrival and Spectators

Can you recommend any accommodation nearby?

Tel. +39 0456210654

Tel. +39 0456209444

Tel. +39 045 6209425

Tel. +39 045 7211089

Tel. +39 045 7210192

Tel. +39 045 7211111

Where can I park my car?

A reserved parking for the triathlets is located in Bardolino via Gardesana dell’acqua 9 (10 minutes far from Transition Area).

We would like to come to watch the event?

Thera are a Grandstand infront of the starting/finish line: you can watch as well the Transition Area

Pre Event and Registration Topics

Will you be sending me my race numbers and timing chip in the post?

No. You must come in person to register and collect your race numbers and timing chip.

Athletes or their delegates will have the possibility to collect the race pack on Friday 14th June 2019 from 6.30pm to 09.00pm and Saturday 15th June 2019 from 08.30am to 12.15pm at the Palazzetto dello Sport in Bardolino, Via XX Settembre.

When will I know my start time and race number?

10 days before the event we will email you to tell you your start time and race number.

How are the starts organised?

For safety, there will be several wave starts for each distance. The first group is made up by Woman. The next one: age group, elite, and by ITU score. This way we get a good spread throughout the course at all times.

What do I need to bring with me to register?

You will need ID (eg driving licence, ITU or FITRI membercard) We will email you to let you know your race number and start time 10 days before the event. There will also be lists up at registration so that you can find your race number if you forget it.

What the Race Pack will contain?

The race pack will contain: race number; number stickers for bike, helmet and baggage storage; swim cap; timing chip to collect electronic timing data and appropriate bracelet for the Transition Area.

How to have the gadget of the race ?

After having given back the race number, completely undamaged, and the chip, athles will receive the prestigious technical gadget of the race. You find a collected area close to the Transition Area and the stage for the award ceremony

Will we receive full instructions before the event?

Yes. We will emailed to you all the information 10 days before the Event.

And what about withdrawals or waivers?

As per the F.I.TRI. technical regulation, withdrawals or waivers for non-participation shall be noticed, without exception, no later than the 26.05.2019. Within this date entrants will be eligible to receive a refund of the 50% of the entry fee already paid or to replace the race number with another athlete, to be notified to the following email address: iscrizioni@triathlonbardolino.it
No amount already paid for entry fees will be refunded after this date. In the event of the event being cancelled for reasons of force majeure and/or seriously inclement weather, the entry fee will not be refunded in any way.


Can I transfer my entry to another person?

Yes. You can transfer your registration to another athlete by 31st May 2019. You have to send and email to iscrizioni@triathlonbardolino.it ( for the sake of transparency the Substitute Athlel reads in copy ) The mail must contain: your datas (name – surname – FI.TRI number member card – for the foreign athlets the number of membership card of local Federation), name of Substitute Athlete (she/he must be a FI.TRI. Athlete – for the foreign athlets she/he must be registrated by a Triathlon Team)

Can I defer my entry to next year?

No. Entries cannot be deferred to the following year.

Equipment and Clothing Topics

What equipment will I need for this event?

As per FI.TRI. rules the obligatory equipment is:

      • race number
      • number sticker for bike
      • helmet with number
      • timing chip
      • triathlon swimsuit
      • bicycle (please take note that are not allowed bikes equip disc brakes and Bullhorn handlebars)

You will need to provide:

      • swimming goggles
      • wetsuit
      • bike shoes
      • gloves
      • a bike bottle filled with water or an energy drink
      • sunglasses if required
      • a cap for the run if required

What type of bike can I use for this event?

As per the F.I.TRI. technical regulation, only traditional, racing handlebars with any closed or converging ends inwards are admitted and, when in horizontal position, they shall not exceed the foremost line of the brake levers. Bullhorn handlebars are not allowed. they are not allowed bikes equip disc brakes

Do I need to wear a cycle helmet?

Yes. You must wear a cycle helmet for the whole of the cycle section of the event. Don’t take the bike off the rack until your helmet is on and done up

How many race numbers will you provide and what are they for?

We provide one bib number to be worn on your body for the bike and the run.

You have to wear the number on your back for the cycle and spin the belt around for the run so the number shows on your front. You don’t wear the race number for the swim. We also provide numbered stickers for your bike and cycle helmet. There will be two stickers for the both sides of the cycle helmet. There will be one long, double number to be attached like a flag around the seat post of your bike. You will also receive a security wristband which you must wear throughout the event: it allowed you to enter into Transition Area. All the numbers will match.

What do I do with my timing chip?

You will be provided with a timing chip and Velcro strap at registration. This must be worn around your left ankle throughout the event. Your split times will be recorded providing your timing chip is on your ankle. It will not work if worn anywhere else. Your timing chip will be collected at the end of the run.


Are there any particular rules that must be followed for this event?

Yes. The event is run under FI.TRI (Italian Federation Triathlon) rules www.fitri.it

What are the most important rules that must be followed?

Some of the most important rules relate to the cycle section and transition. For example:

    • Your cycle helmet must be on your head and fastened whenever you are in contact with your bike. So don’t take the bike off the rack until your helmet is on and done up, and don’t unfasten your helmet until your bike is back on the rack after your cycle section.
    • You must rack your bike in the correct allotted space in transition.
    • You cannot receive any outside assistance during the race, for example your friend cannot offer you a drink on the run course (only our volunteers can offer you drinks from our drinks stations) nor can anyone help you change a flat tyre on the bike section.
    • Legaldraft is allowed due to the high number of participants.
    • Your race number should be worn on your back for the cycle and on your front for the run.

There are lots more important rules not mentioned here, so do read the rulebook.

Is there a Cut-off time?

Due to traffic and authorization issues, the cut-off time to complete the 3 competitions is THREE hours. Athletes out of time limit shall be advised in advance and will be subject to removal from the final results.

When the wetsuit is permitted ?

Wetsuit will be permitted only if lake’s water temperature, once measured officially at 12.00pm by race directors, should be under 22° C.

Race Day Topics

Can you explain how the event will work from start to end?

Here is a summary of what to expect on your race day:

    • Allow a couple of hours before your race start time in order to arrive at Bardolino, take your equipement: running shoes and anything you need for the run (eg sunglasses; cap; rack your bike and prepare for the race.
    • Register in the registration area in Bardolino (Palazzetto dello Sport – via XX settembre) and collect your race numbers, timing chip etc. You will need to bring ID with you to prove who you are when you register
    • Put your race numbers on your bike and helmet before you take them to Transition Area in Carrara Park.·
    • Get yourself ready to race and any clothing not required should be stored in the secure bag drop area close to the Transition Area at Parco Carrara.·
    • Take your bike, bike shoes and helmet into Transition Area and find your allocated space. You will return here after the swim to collect your bike. This is a high security area. You can enter just with the special wristbracialet·
    • Remember to place your timing chip securely around your ankle where it will remain for the duration of the race.·
    • Once your bike and race kit are in Transition Area, you will go to the swim start about 20mins before your start time. There will be a short race briefing here before you enter the water. You will start from a deep water start, holding onto the pontoon – you do not dive in.·
    • After your swim, you will run back to transition area to collect your bike etc.
    • Rack your bike, change your shoes and then commence the run.·
    • After you have finished the race, collected your medal etc etc, you will then walk back to transition area to collect your bike and then collect your Swim Bag and Dry Bag

What do I do with all my personal belongings while I am racing?

There will be a secure bag drop area at Parco Carrara for valuables and things not needed during the race, whilst the rest of the race gear, including the bike, is placed inside one of the secure transition areas for the duration of the event.

Will there be feed stations, medical and mechanical support on the course?

On the swim course, there will be safety motoboats and safety boats to support the swimmers. On the bike course, there will be medical support at strategic points around the course. There will be no mechanical support on the bike course for the Open races and no drinks stations. Make sure your bike is in a roadworthy condition for the event and you will have to fix your own flat tyres if necessary. Carry your own fluids on the bike. On the run course, there will be drinks stations as well as medical support.

Transition Area Topics

What is the transition area and how secure is it while I am racing?

The transition areas are high security, fenced off areas, which only competitors and race officials. Each competitor has their own space in the transition areas.

What will I need to gain access to the transition area?

You will need to show your security wristband each time you enter and exit the transition. You will not be allowed access to the transition areas without your security wristband. You can come and go in the transition areas once your bike is racked, provided you are wearing your security wristband.

Swimming Topics

Is the water in Garda Lake safe to swim in?

Yes. We carry out many scientific water quality tests throughout the year to monitor the water quality of the lake.

What safety measures are in place during the swim?

We use a very experienced Swim Safety team who provide 4 water motorcycles (Police and Fire Department) and rescue power boats (Red Cross and Centro Nautico Bardolino) throughout the swim course. Should you get into difficulty in the swim, lie on your back and raise one arm; a motorcycles will then escort you to safety.

Do I have to wear a wetsuit for the swim?

Wetsuit will be permitted only if lake’s water temperature, once measured officially at 12.00pm by race directors, should be under 22° C. If you use your own wetsuit, write your name inside for identification in case of a mix up in transition. All wetsuits look the same!

Do I need to wear a swim cap?

Yes. You will be issued with a coloured swim cap in your race pack at registration. Everyone must wear a swim cap for safety reasons. A swimmer is easier to see in the water if they’re wearing a swim cap. All athletes who start in the same wave will have the same colour cap on. But there will be more than one wave with the same coloured swim cap, so check your start time and don’t just go by the colour of the swim caps entering the water. It may not be your wave start!

Cycling Topics

What is drafting? Is the bike section draft legal? Can I draft on the bike?

Drafting is cycling close to the bike in front and thereby gaining an advantage. Legaldraft is allowed due to the high number of participants.

What is not allowed?

They are not allowed bikes equip disc brakes and Bullhorn handlebars

Where do I wear my race number on the bike course?

Your race number should be worn on your back during the bike course.

Running Topics

Will there be a water station on the run course?

Yes there will be water stations on the run course. Our volunteers will be manning the water stations and will ensure that you receive a drink should you need one on the run.

Where do I wear my body race number on the run section?

Your body race number should be worn on your front during the run section

Post-Race Topics

How do I find my results?

Results will be available immediately after your finishing by paper and online on our website. Times will be displayed live during the event too on the maxi tv located in front of the tribune. Your friends will be able to follow you as you progress through the race.

Where can I find photographs of myself crossing the finish line?

You can have free photograph on the website a month after the race.

Who do I contact about lost property?

Email us at info@triathlonbardolino.itwith a detailed description of your lost item(s).

How to have the gadget of the race ?

After having given back the race number, completely undamaged, and the chip, athles will receive the prestigious technical gadget of the race. You find a collected area close to the Transition Area and the stage for the award ceremony